i'm an Author, Organization Development Consultant, and Speaker.

i'm an author, Organization development consultant, and speaker


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of organization development (OD) my work has taken me to five continents and over a dozen countries. I've been privileged to work with major high-tech corporations, financial institutions and manufacturers.

My experience includes small businesses (auto repair services, healthcare, restaurants, etc.) and nonprofits (United Way of the Bay Area, Vivamos Mejor, USA).

I've also consulted for educational institutions including Stanford and Virginia Tech, and government agencies on every level.

Today, having recently moved to Alaska, I'm returning to my consulting roots, working primarily with nonprofits, especially those focused on supporting the state's indigenous communities


My mission

Uncover and fight the unconscious drives towards coercion , oppression, and exploitation embedded in the cultures of our organizations.

WHat I do

I support people in organizations and communities as they learn to work together better and evolve toward recognizing their strengths and achieving their goals so that they can realize their visions.

About the Book

"The Flow of Organizational Culture" has received excellent feedback from business and organizational leaders, as well as OD practitioners, scholars and students. It presents a picture of organizational culture as a system of interconnected processes, always evolving and changing. It draws on the work of multiple "experts" in the field and provides numerous insights about why culture is so difficult and confusing to work with. Its many experience based case studies provide clues and guidance about how its

“In this well-written, expert, and important book, Jim MacQueen gives us unique and coherent access to Organizational Culture.”


~George H. Schofield, Ph.D. Developmental and Organizational Psychologist, Writer, Consultant, Speaker; Author, How Do I Get There from Here?


change your story–
change your


"When people change the way they TALK,

they change the way they THINK.


and they change the way they DO."

Join me in conversation about possibilities for change in your organization or community. How can we do things better around here?


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